How to make a rap song during 2000-2010:

  1. Say your own name
  2. Say somebody else’s name
  3. Crank up your loudness
  4. Have a girly voice say something meaningless
  5. Say your own name again
  6. Say something about money, drugs, women or conspicuous consumption
  7. Close by saying some more names of people you know

The 00s will forever be known as the decade the United States made a skin-color shift to as brown-as-possible while it continued to bomb brown people.

So aside from rap what do we have? Radio frequencies occupied by TV-show-created celebrities/’artists’ with the occasional spotting of past late-90s pop stars and weak attempts at creating new female ‘artists’ pumped full of manufactured tracks completely void of feeling. The only thing close to salvation is the sorry excuse for originality known as “Emo” music which pretends to represent the repressed unique emotional genius of the subculture of idiot middle schoolers. And all of the above of course under the shining shield of ever increasing loudness. Disgusting.

6 Responses to “2000s - Worst decade for music ever”

  1. steve Says:

    i heard you listening to 50 cent in your car the other day

  2. Efthimios Says:

    I wonder when jesse is going to lay some of his own beats down for us hear. Jesse, you know what, just bring back meaningful breaks



    or bring back the good old basketball raps of the 80’s?


    or perhaps bring back the political commentary raps and mention presidents?


    or just be more like Kurtis Blow.




  3. Ginny Says:

    Hey! The CD I gave you is none of the above.

  4. Whatever Says:

    The Nineties had a wide variety of music: Rock, hip-hop/rap, Dance, etc… but it was all amazingly good. The 2000s is the same in terms of variety, but it just sucks. You can blame the internet for why music sucks though (illegal music downloading).

  5. John Says:

    Yes! The 2000s was mostly trash.

  6. Julia Says:

    Amen to that.

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