I was trying to get my EX-F1 to use the manual focus the other day. Couldn’t do it no matter how hard I pressed the focus button on the side of the camera. All the other buttons worked fine. I looked in the manual and couldn’t find anything relative to my problem. I thought I’d be stuck with auto focus forever.

Turns out you need to make sure to turn OFF the face detection feature in order to use manual focus. Hope this helps some EX-F1 owners.

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  1. Rmaz Says:

    Wew, that helped me alot actually. Was having the same problem. Tried out everything except that! Thanks!

  2. Meade Roberts Says:

    Thank you! I own a Casio EX-Z1200 and have never been able to get into manual focus. I tried everything like you did. But I never thought to turn off face detection! How did you ever figure that one out?! I turned FD off and manual focus on and, bamm, it worked! Thanks a lot!

  3. raymond kennedy Says:

    question: are you talking about manual focus with HD video withe the focus ring around the lense? or the manual focus with the directional pad?

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