How outrageous. I’ve been testing with a few different files and I’m finding it’s 30 or 31 files is the most you can use. Now you may be saying, “Nobody needs 30 CSS files anyway”. My two-part response:

  1. Yes, this is horrible for performance and, in general, very poor practice - however:
  2. The place of software vendors, browser vendors in this case, is to create a product that interprets standards and specifications correctly, not to dictate how those standards and specs are implemented.

    “Innovation” by browser vendors should come *outside* of that - in the non-standards-defined areas. Example: Firefox addons, Opera’s mouse gestures, etc.

One Response to “IE 6,7 and 8 limit the number of CSS files you can have”

  1. Jo Says:

    The problem is, often they’re implementing things which aren’t defined in the w3c standards. So the browser vendors implement what they think is the best solution, which is often different from what another vendor does (example is the ie6 box model was created before the standards decided what the box model should actually be).

    There’s also various other issues at stake here. Unfortunately… Though it’s nice to know what the css limit is. Can’t say I ever really thought about it.

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