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After years of fiddling around with HTML and not really knowing what the hell I was doing with computers at all, I ended up here.

I started this site way back in June 27 of 2001. After much debate I decided on the domain name ifakedit.com. I’m sure you all have questions as to the origin of that name, but I’d rather leave it out of writing anywhere. I wanted a message board that could be an extension of some old student liberties message boards Bill Fehring and I ran in the past and I wanted an outlet for my writing at the time. Way back in the day the message boards were really popular. I wrote plenty of my own little articles for front page posting; those weren’t always so popular, but that was kind of the point a lot of the time. ifakedit.com has been my outlet for my artwork. It’s always been just a hobby, but as you can see, my little hobby has pretty much taken over the entire website.

I took out all my old writings sometime in 2003 and made the site concentrate only on the gallery.

In April of 2004 a buddy of mine, Matt Sparks, asked me how my hosting was going. He gave me a great deal and I started hosting with him; it helped me start a lot of other websites that I probably would have never started had I not hooked up with him. Matt also pretty much wrote my entire gallery software. I gave ifakedit.com a visual makeover and now it is what you see today.

In August of 2005 I made a decision to step away from subcontracting as much as I could and concentrate on doing design and webservice under my own name. Currently I design websites that are user-maintainable. Once again I switched servers and now I’m all on my own.

October 2005 I changed the format around yet again. The “me things” section of my site now features everything else that I’ve been wanting to put on the web. After several years of doing photography and webdesign I’ve decided that I would like to share my knowledge with everyone and then add a few more things to the site as well. This is actually much like the old ifakedit.com and now does not concentrate on the gallery only. It’ll probably stay like this for quite awhile and continuously expand with content.

It is nearing the end of 2006 and now I don’t really update the gallery much anymore. Most of what I’ve been producing here is information about Ruby on Rails, Apache, Fedora, MySQL and othe coding environment and server-related things.

the gallery

The gallery has < ?php
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pieces. I update with little concern for consistency in interval and it’s all original artwork and poetry unless otherwise specified.

I am always looking for more models; if you are interested contact me.

If you really like something and decide you want a wallpaper version of it you can first check the wallpaper section. If it’s not already in there, just get ahold of me and ask and I’ll probably make you one. If you really really like something and want to print it out, get ahold of me and I’ll probably give you a high-resolution copy of it that you can take to kinkos or some place to print. All you have to do is ask =)

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