before and after

Before and after
This is a page on which I post the original photographs that went on to be the finished products you see in the gallery. These are all edited with Photoshop. A lot of people like to see what the originals look like and what the hell I do to all my photos. Check back every now and then - I update this pretty often. Click on a photo to see the finished product.

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  1. kurosh Says:


  2. pancakes! Says:

    holy fuck i can’t believe the way you changed some of those.
    the waves of the gulf of the mexico piece… i just kept going back and forth and back and forth between the original and the finished product.. you really made that picture significantly better. you could’ve even left out the poetry, and it would have been good. however, i do like the poem. :o)

  3. deanvlue Says:

    AMAZING, all the photos dramatically changed. I hope you could drop a line here in your site about what levels or tweaks did you use. They’re all so vivid. I really liked the one with the shirts. excelent!!

  4. kevin Says:

    my roommate came into my room eariler today and showed me a thread posted on (i think) and was talkking about how impressed he was with your work. for the last 2 hours i’ve been checking out your material.

    one word - amazing

  5. Mo Says:

    Brilliant! That six-people transition is amazing, and the “I am the dragon”-flower picture got me trying to mess around with Adobe Illustrator for 2 hours.

  6. Wood Says:

    Awesome. Your creativity is inspiring. And thanks for the tips… I’m buying worklights tomorrow.

  7. christina Says:

    i am stunned. clearly, and utterly.. stunned. i’ve seen all the pictures on your website, and they are all incredible. my favorites are the girl next to the stables , the six-people transition piece, and the “i am the dragon” picture. beautiful and absolutely draw-dropping. i would so love to model for you, hahah. and hey, you live in illinois? are you a ND fan? :D :) keep up the good work, jesse! ;D

  8. Em Says:

    The picture of the horse jumping over the moon is phenomenal. You have such talent! Incredible!

  9. mL swanson Says:

    This is some amazing work! Simply amazing! I’m very inspired and motivated seeing how successfully you’ve mastered digital editing techniques. I have taken a number of photography courses where I was ostracized and ridiculed by the class for attempting to do the things which you have done. It boggles my mind how supposed “artsy” people can be so closed-minded to the idea of using Photoshop and such programs to create unique work. I

  10. Kimmy Says:

    You never cease to amaze me…i love it all, but you already knew that.

  11. Says:

    Very talented.

  12. PotownAl Says:

    Great images. Any chance of putting together a set of tutorials? I’d like to know how you did the texture for “The Adjustment”

  13. Matt Says:

    You are quite sexy.

  14. eighteen Says:

    wow, you have a great sense of creativity!

  15. Palubast Says:

    Fantastic stuff, and I have to join the chorus of pleas - would you please give us a few hints on how you make these? I especially like the ones that look like ordinary photographs and end up full of intense colour and light. Thank you.

  16. Azmi Says:

    Really, I’d love a tutorial section!

  17. Your new kali and wing chun partner..... Says:

    …..Well like the many other fans i am in awe..of coarse I would only expect the best from someone as unique as yourself..As an art practitioner myself I understand the need to practice the ability to express one’s self with complete truth and honesty. In a further note, I also am proud to have you as fighting partner… You have helped me grow as a person and made my martial arts blossom into that of a new art all in its own…….

    Thanks Jesse and keep inspiring others!
    See you soon……….

  18. Martin Says:

    Funny livingroom photo. I did the same a few months ago and love to see other people having fun with PS.

    Those 3 guys are me. Person on couch is not me

  19. Tammy Says:

    OMG…….I have never seen anything like this before…..You are better than GREAT!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Most won’t show the before pics. This is totally awesome……..

    Love your work..!!!!

  20. jennie Says:

    heyy… im a hobbyist for photo-editing and photography and i just love the stuff that you’ve done here. i read about the low budget photography article and it was great. i actually bought worklights already. anyway, keep it up!!!

  21. Britt Says:

    your photography is so unique. its beautiful. keep it up

  22. jose Says:

    wow. i love your work, you have to give me some tips.

  23. MCLMM Says:

    I really love this site. I got the link from your profile at the Monolithic.Com BBS. Not only are these photos stunning but the models have a genuine “street” beauty to them. I’m really digging these photos and I’m usually not into a lot of portrait type work. You are a class act. Keep up the great work.

  24. Julie Says:

    I love it! Found this site looking for “cheap studio lighting tricks”, and your article was great. Especially after seeing all your photos, which are amazing, I’m feeling pretty inspired to go out and shoot again (after a bout of financial self-pity) as well as get myself some work lights ASAP. You’ve also caused me to fall back in love with Photoshop - the stuff you’ve done here is fucking wicked and ultra-inspiring. I’ll definitely bookmark and visit often!


    Absolutely brilliant! You are a true artist. How do you do those photoshop cutouts so clean?


  26. SUEMERR Says:

    Just awesome amazing work!! Thanks for the great tips and not being selfish about sharing the before and after photos of your extraordinary work of art! (many prefer to expose just the fine results, but not the actual first stage of the prints.) That says a lot about you, meaning you are truly an amazing artist worth to aknowledge and to be inspired by.

    By the way…Do you know the money you would be making if you write an e-book or something on this stuff…??!! All of the “How To’s and What to Do’s ” on your talented photography work. That way you wouldn’t have the need to go so cheap on lighting!! No Seriously, but then again maybe your artistic creation knowledge is only yours to keep and treasure. It’s only understandable… otherwise, you wouldn’t stand out from the rest making your work unique. Keep up the great work!!

  27. alantooth Says:

    wow cute… cant believed it.. where the hell am i.. ive been lookin for this kind of site… now that i found yah!!! yipeeeeeeeee

  28. Jyasang Hang Lingden Says:

    i have been doing the same work and i was not confident if i was doin’ a right thing my faking IT…but i guess i was wrong ….this is great

  29. Jezlabs Says:

    These are some outstanding photos. I’d love to know how you did the ‘laurengreen’ photo. =)

  30. Dougie Says:

    Really creative and wonderful to look at :) I never tire of looking at quality work and I will be back again to re-inspire myself with your work!

    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Johnnie Says:

    Hi, i couldn`t close the website before i send you my regards for the amazyng job with the photos, hope u never quit doing this. Well done, congratulations.

  32. Steve Says:

    Great stuff! How do you mask your subjects when you place them on different backgrounds? Especially hair….my most difficult task.

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