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  1. Adrienne Janae' Boatman Says:

    Hello Jesse! I’m seriously in love with your work in photography. I wanted to take photography as a major, but the parents didn’t approve. I actually want you to take pictures of me as well. I heard about you and your website from a friend of yours and mine-Alisha B.- she was the one who told me that your work was excellent, and she didn’t lie. I just want to say that your work is amazing and I’d like to be one of your projects.

  2. KT Farrell Says:

    You’re my new muse

  3. Sarah Chatham Says:

    Long time no see kiddo! Just wanted to stop by and see what you have been up to- I am AMAZED by your work. All of your photos are beautiful and are a source of inspiration. THANK YOU.

  4. laurenface Says:

    remember how i love you and your artwork?
    i think a photo shoot is in order this weekend.
    and perhaps some hott sex.
    but seriously, i have lots of outfit ideas.

    |-|499′/ \/|)4′/ |=|_|22′/ !!

  5. sami Says:

    hey i really liked all the photos they are just more than amazing im in love with pictures !! so what is the best program to do some effects on picture im using photoshop with all the versions and photoimpact !
    you can e mail me
    have a nice time
    and cheer up for more great jobs

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