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A list of the best programs - It’s taken me a really long time to come up with this list.. program after program.. it’s just really hard to find the right one. This is generally a best programs for Windows list, but most of these programs are cross platform, so I recommend them to people of all operating systems that can support them. My general rule for the best applications is simple, fast, configurable and low resource consumption. Most of them are free too. There are so many programs that seem like they’re tailored just for me and I’m glad I’ve found them. I’d like to share this list with you as well.

Update: This hasn’t been changed for awhile (3 years as I write this). I’ve discovered some more programs since then:

  • Firefox is pretty good these days. Would probably recommend it over Opera anymore. I still use Opera for most things, but Firefox is also used daily.
  • winscp is better than FileZilla anymore
  • pidgin [IM] - multi-protocol instant messaging client (yahoo, jabber/xmpp, aim, msn, etc) is the new GAIM
  • Windows Powershell + unixutils = get tons of unix command prompt (terminal) commands for use in windows.  All sorts of management capability and scripting.  Very easy to use. This is an absolute must-have if you like Unix commandline.
  • Agent Ransack - excellent, fast alternative to native Windows search functionality. MUST have for Windows (XP - not sure about Vista) users.
  • Unlocker - if you ever end up with the error The generic volume cannot be stopped or are unable to delete a file or folder, this is for you. Must-have for every Windows user.
  • Sysinternals - A whole suite of tools for making life with Windows easier. Highly recommended. Some of my favorites: Autoruns, ProcessExplorer.
  • WinRAR - not free, but fantastic. Recommended over Tugzip. Also recommended - 7-zip - free.


Opera is the combat knife of my arsenal. This is the one weapon I would never leave behind and the first one I’d ever think to pack. Opera is the best browser on the face of the earth. Opera’s capabilities far exceed those of Internet Explorer and Firefox (Firefox is recommended over IE of course and is also quite a capable browser). Opera is free and easy to use and is by far the fastest browser. Opera has a ton of features that would take me pages and pages to describe. I like it because it’s highly customizable, easy to use and improves my productivity while browsing. I would easily enter any web browsing speed competition without hestiation and be confident for a win just because of Opera. As a web developer, designer, programmer, etc I rely on Opera’s professional features to help me get through every day. It really is made for power users, but it’s easy enough for anybody to use. Anyway. Some of my favorite features:

  • Fastest browser out there
  • Easy to use built-in professional features for web developers
  • Address bar keyword shortcuts
  • Mouse gestures
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Popup Blocking
  • Tabbed Browsing (it’s the original tabbed browser)
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Ability to quickly toggle features like plugins, JavaScript, Java, sound and cookies
  • Fantastic built-in email client
  • Undo - if you accidentally close a window you can undo it and get your window back
  • Saved sessions - if your OS or Opera crashes it’ll save exactly where you were and all the windows you had open. It saves your emails for you too. Absolutely amazing feature.
  • Free

Like I said, Opera has a billion other features. You should check it out. What’ve you got to lose? Increase your productivity, speed and quality of browsing.

Runner up: Firefox

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is my number one software tool for making the images I do on this website. It’s a great photo editor with a ton of features and can pretty much do whatever you want it to do with a photo. Doesn’t really fit the “simple, fast, low resource consumption” profile, but for my professional life I have to make sacrifices sometimes. Alternately I would recommend the GIMP; it’s nice and free and has many Photoshop-like features.


No matter what language you program in, even if it’s just html, jEdit is a great editing tool. It’s free and does exactly what I like it to do. Favorite features:

  • Tons of plugins for tons of programming languages
  • Tag completion
  • FTP/SFTP plugin so I can edit right off of remote sites
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Code coloring
  • Free

It’s not really resource friendly since it’s Java-based, but it is simple and speeds up my work. If you’re looking for a great all-around editor jEdit is really worth a try.


Used just about everytime I do anything with a text editor or image manipulation program, FileZilla is probably your best bet for FTP and SFTP on Windows. FileZilla is fast, stable, simple, reliable and free. It blows the competition out of the water (Yes even SmartFTP). It has drag and drop support, a no-bullshit interface, easy management of ftp/sftp locations (essential in my field) and plenty of other cool features. Filezilla is pretty awesome and definitely suits my needs. A very close runner-up in my book is WinSCP. If you need a new client you’ll probably want to try both.


Want to get organized easily? Rainlendar is your best bet for a simple, fast, no bullshit calendar. Easy to use and has yet to fail me. Some of us don’t have outrageously tight schedules and we’re by our computers most of the time, but occasionally we need a reminder. If this is you too, you’ll want to try this program - it’s free.


foobar2000 - simply the best audio player for Windows. If you are a fan of the early days of Winamp in all its simplicity, if you just like simple programs, if you want a resource friendly player, if you want a shitton of features or you just want to try a new program - this is for you. I would recommend no audio player for windows other than this one. It always does exactly what I need it to do, it’s fast as hell and has a completely no bullshit interface. Favorite features:

  • Global Hotkeys
  • Fastest player out there
  • Low resource consumption
  • Extremely simple interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of supported audio formats
  • Free

If you’re interested in visual features or just how customizable foobar2000 is you can just take a look at some screen shots.
If you download it most of you will want the “Special installer” since it contains all the software you’ll need to play the greatest number of audio formats.


Diskeeper is almost essential for any Windows user. Windows comes with its own dumbed down version of it, but the paid version will serve you best. Not everyone understands file fragmentation, but all you need to understand about it is that it can make your computer run slower and decrease your harddrive’s reliability. Diskeeper can fix this for you and is quite the easy application to use. I have mine set to run whenever my screensaver runs so I never have to do anything manually.


And of course I can’t forget the operating system that houses all these wonderful applications for me; yes Microsoft Windows is on my list of favorite applications. There are a lot of people who hate Windows, plenty more who hate Microsoft as a whole, but quite honestly Windows has been extremely good to me. Windows XP is incredibly stable, runs all my applications that I need, is easy to use and understand and I have very few complaints about it. I have yet to find a more user friendly workstation OS that supports all my needs and really runs the way I want it to. I’ve sampled various other operating systems, I even run Linux on my server, but as far as my desktop goes Windows is the only route for me.


Ever wanted a KVM switch but couldn’t afford one? Well, Synergy isn’t a KVM exactly.. just a KM.. and it’s not really a switch.. it’s just software - but doesn’t that make it better? Yes it does. Synergy is a low-resource consumption program to link two of your computers together - incredibly useful if you have two or more computers with monitors on your desk. Synergy will easily let you move your mouse back and forth between the two screens and type on them using just one keyboard. Good for pasting text from one computer to the other, typing or mousing on another screen when a keyboard or mouse might be missing from it or even just when it might be out of reach. Oh yes.. and it’s free.

Media Player Classic bundled in K-Lite Mega Pack

Download any media you want and this will play it. Media Player Classic isn’t much on its own, but bundled with the K-Lite Mega Pack of codecs and utilities it’s the best media player choice you have for Windows. It’s resource friendly and extremely easy to use. The interface is clean and it has yet to fail me when playing video. I actually found this while trying to get rid of the outrageously stupid and annoying QuickTime and Real Media players for Windows; this pack comes with Real Alternative and QuickTime Alternative which both work fantastically. Yet another fantastic free application.
Runner up: VLC media player


WinDirStat is one of the coolest tools for viewing your drive space on Windows and just what’s taking it up. It scans selected drives and gives you a directory list and a really cool graphical display of what data is where and how much space everything is taking up; it’s an excellent tool for cleaning up your drive space. The graphical part of the program is probably one of the coolest parts because it will show you a map of your drive and you can click right on the biggest files and see what they are and where. Too bad they don’t have a logo as cool looking as the graphics in the program. It’s an incredibly simple program to use, it’s fun to look at even if you aren’t having space problems, it’s a great diagnostic tool, has an incredible user interface and it’s absolutely free.


Dump AIM, get Gaim. If you’re still using AIM, seriously you have to switch; if you use Trillian and you think you’ve found the best thing in the world, you’re sadly mistaken; if you’re a Miranda user then you probably won’t want to switch - so yes I also recommend Miranda. Gaim is my choice instant messaging client because it operates exactly how I like it to. It’s got a great user interface, tabbed message windows, connects to AIM, MSN, IRC, Yahoo!, Gadu-Gadu, Jabber and more.

Spybot Search & Destroy

I don’t use Spybot much anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great application. The combination of Opera and my being a competent computer user have kept spyware off my machine and Spybot hasn’t had the chance to find anything here in quite some time.. I don’t even run it more than once every few months, but I still use it excessively on other people’s computers for finding spyware and find plenty. It’s a great app, easy to use, updates itself and it’s free - highly recommended especially if you use anything besides Opera for a browser.

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is a free PDF reader for Windows. It’s a billion times faster than Adobe Acrobat to load and faster to use as well. There’s not much to say about this program other than it beats the hell out of Acrobat.

Windows PowerToys

Windows would not be complete without PowerToys for Windows. All the PowerToys programs are small, efficient little programs and I often wonder why they are not included as default tools with Windows. They’re also completely free. The two favorites of mine (actually the only ones I use) are Tweak UI and Image Resizer.

Tweak UI

A default Windows installation is usually far from being perfect. There’s plenty of optimizing you’ll want to do on your own; Tweak UI will let you do that. Easily change shell, mouse, keyboard and other settings in Windows. This program is a requirement for anyone who is serious Windows user.

Image Resizer

Not everyone has Photoshop; even if you do you probably don’t always like loading it up just to resize an image. The folks over at Microsoft have taken care of this one for us in a very simple and elegant manner. Image Resizer does just what it says. You’ll want this program for yourself and definitely for all your friends who can’t seem to figure out how to resize their images before they upload them to their blogs or send them to you in emails.


I’ve used all the big name torrent programs.. this is the only one I ever want to use again. µTorrent (utorrent) is the smallest, most efficient, most resource friendly, easiest to use BitTorrent client out there for Windows.


After seeing many suggestions in the comments for IrfanView I thought I’d give it a try. Yep, turns out everyone was right. This program rocks. Resource friendly, loads fast, easy as hell to use; yes Irfanview is definitely worth downloading if you ever do any simple image editing. It does:

  • Cropping
  • Rotation
  • Tons of effects
  • Resizing
  • Batch processing and renaming
  • Convert to all the major file formats
  • Tons of other stuff

This amazingly small package of tools is just thrilling to use for those little tasks. Can’t say I’m taken by the thumbnail viewer really, especially compared with the native Windows thumbnail system, but the main program itself is fantastic! In fact - I just made the little thumbnail for this section with it and it was a helluva lot easier than popping open Photoshop or even MSPaint to do the job. Great program for taking and saving screen shots, making thumbs, resizing and cropping photos with minimal resource consumption. Highly recommended piece of software. And yes - it’s free. Thanks commenters!


I mostly only have to open archived files; rarely do I have to make an archive. It took me a long time to find a great archive program. I started out with WinZip - definitely not that great. From there I moved on to WinRAR - significant improvement over WinZip, but still not what I wanted. TUGZip is now my #1 choice for creating, opening and managing archive files. Best features:

  • Super long list of filetypes for archives are supported. Pretty much every major one you’ll ever deal with. ZIP, 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BH, BZ2, CAB, CPIO, DEB, GCA, GZ, IMP, JAR, LHA (LZH), LIB, RAR, RPM, SQX, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TAZ, YZ1 and ZOO. Also with support for image files like ISO and NRG - this is one of the requirements I have for an archive program that separates this program from much of the rest.
  • Super clean interface that you can make look like any other file archiver you’re used to.
  • Highly configurable, but also works great out-of-box with no configuration.
  • Fast and easy to understand
  • Completly free


Netmeter is so outrageously useful. Its cousin DU Meter is also cool, but it’s not free. NetMeter is just like DU Meter in every way and is an excellent free alternative. Use it to monitor your bandwidth easily on any Windows machine. Whenever I’m at a computer that doesn’t have some sort of way to monitor network usage I feel lost. Useful for troubleshooting network problems, checking if your ISP is keeping its promises, seeing if applications are accessing the net and phoning home or just fun to look at.

  • Monitor your net use with a constant visual
  • Free
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced features like reports

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  1. themaxx.ca Says:

    Excellent list ;)

  2. ehoffmann Says:

    Nice list and well written. I recently wrote a list of programs on my blog. Check it out! :)

  3. oboreruhito Says:

    Dude … WackGet. Seriously. Tightest, lightest download manager out there.

  4. Bill Eberly Says:

    Great list! I especially like Filezilla, I really needed a new FTP client.

  5. pimpfights.com Says:

    Excellent article. Will definately use a couple to help to update our site over at EutopiaGames.

  6. shggth Says:

    really nice list. these are almost the same programs i use. may have to rid myself of winamp and try your recommendation. ive liked winamp but it never seems to work correctly if you have more than one user profile on xp. i had to go back with adobe even though it is such an annoying program, foxit occasioanly isnt able to open pdfs that adobe has no problem with. so thanks for showing synergy and foobar. laters.

  7. Ray Says:

    I wish that the diskeeper was free

  8. Eli Says:

    Wow, just wow. You took the time out of your life to put time into our life. I applaud you sir. You are a real man.

  9. linuxlizard Says:

    SecureCRT–best SSH client but not free. CRT–absolutely hands down 100% the best serial port and telnet client in existence. Both http://www.vandyke.com

    Command line user? Get 4NT, a cmd.exe replacement. http://www.jpsoft.com

  10. Rusty Says:

    I think you need to include a best antivirus and - Startup Cop.

  11. jones Says:

    except classic media player gets the streams out of sync
    and webroot is MUCH better than spybot.
    no Open Office?

  12. Robert NYC Says:

    Hey, thanks for a great list. Very useful, and I love the way you cut through the “bullshit”. :)

  13. brainflood Says:

    I’m surprised that you say Opera’s capabilities vastly exceed that of Firefox. Except in the area of rendering SVGs, Opera and Firefox are about neck and neck.

    Otherwise, great list!

  14. fkuall Says:

    great list, i’ll have to check out foxit and synergy.
    neat how you didnt say firefox, i love firefox, but it IS anoying how you hear it everywere.
    what about a compression program, like winrar?
    a burning program, like nero?
    a p2p program, like limewire, or dc++?
    antivirus, like avg?

  15. Chompy Says:

    Good stuff!

  16. David Grossman Says:

    Great list. I would put the following on also.
    - Avast Antivirus
    - Microsoft Antivirus
    - Google Desktop Search
    - DVD Shrink
    - iTunes and Zeipod
    - Picasa

    Keep up the good fight.

  17. David Grossman Says:

    - Microsoft Antispyware

  18. The Fickle Frere Says:

    Very good list. I downloaded and installed a couple programs I was searching for but didn’t know existed!.

    I’d just like to add the one tool that I personally couldn’t live without. It’s free of course (GNU license) and it’s called Virtual Dimension.

    It is a full-featured virtual desktop pager much better than the one Windows has as part of the powertoys extension. Also better than several payware programs I’ve evaluated. I’m at peace now that I have this!

    Peace all,

  19. Jauhari Says:

    Wow nice info
    for me the browser still Mozilla Firefox :) but it’s good.

    For FTP, I use CuteFTP by GlobalSCAPE.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Great list. There were a fews apps there that I wasn’t aware of.

  21. Patrick Says:

    I find TreePad to be an excellent, low resource organizer of all sorts of data in the form of a tree (like Windows file system).

  22. Gleb Popov Says:

    You forgot IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com/) - an excellent Image Viewer. Beats the hell out of the default Windows image viewers. The application is free and has tons of useful plugins.

  23. Marcus Says:

    Some great program! Add more if you can! I love how you added Windows because you’re very right. People should stop complaining about it when it’s really not that bad..

    Mine - FireFox, Nero, DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, BitComet, WinRAR, Picasa, Spyware Blaster, Free Download Mangager, Alchohol 120%, TuneXP, CCleaner, MS Word/Abiword/Open office…Just to name a few

  24. Hodge Says:

    actually, netscape was the origional tabbed browser

  25. George Says:

    Wow! Really sweet list! Definitely checking out some of these!

  26. TJ Says:

    Hey GREAT list enjoyed it man!

  27. Adam Says:

    I agree with everything BUT Spybot…not a fan. And i need to try foobar2000. Great list.

  28. Reol Says:

    Good list of stuff, I like the WinDir stat, its pretty neat. THough I’d say Jdiskreport would be a good runner up.

  29. nick Says:

    I find bitlord much better than utorrent. meh

  30. Reid Says:

    Nice list, but I will have to disagree with your spyware program. Spybot never found the spyware as well as programs like Ad-aware did. Also the reason people like Firefox over Opera (don’t get me wrong, I like Opera alot) is that it’s small and doesn’t have all those unwanted extras, like an email client.

  31. duder Says:

    K-Lite Mega Pack? Meh. ffdshow+mpc is all you need.

  32. DanVersion1 Says:

    nice list

  33. Danish Munir Says:

    In the anti spyware category, try microsoft antispyware, or as its going to be called in the future “windows defender”. when i run it on my relatives pcs, it usually finds a lot more stuff than spybot does.

    Oh and bravo for being a man and complementing windows. its hard to ditch the “microsoft sucks” bandwagon. you are a man of great courage and wisdom.


  34. "ebjcoat" Eric Says:

    very nice list,

    Have you heard of VLC media player?
    http://www.videolan.org - tell me what you think of it

    As for UTorrent; does it have a web interface, does it use plugins like azureus?

    p.s. - found you through http://www.digg.com

  35. kevin liu Says:


  36. Stephen Casey Says:

    Thank you very much. Your list hit the http://www.digg.com front page so you probably got a lot of hits today. I use some of these and they are excellent. Others are new to me. The one free ap I use more than any, in fact other than the XP OS & Opera is thie free filemager explorer2 lite by http://www.zabkat.com . You might like to give it a whirl.

  37. MOTAR Says:

    Your list should include Irfanview…


    Firefox with the adblock plugin blows Opera away….


  38. Acthulius Says:

    Thank you

  39. Hammertime Says:

    Great list. However, I would add Total Commander, the best file manager available. I haven’t used Windows Explorer for years!
    Also, Irfanview, to view any media quickly. And finally, 1st Page 2000 (soon to be 2006), by far the best html, etc. editor I’ve found! The last two are free!

  40. cptnradical Says:

    I agree. Very helpful.

  41. Tyson Says:


  42. Chirag Says:

    Fab List…

  43. mike morgan Says:

    Nice. Very nice!

  44. jeremy Says:

    yes! an opera user.

    firefox is good but overrated. opera is the best browser out there.

  45. Warren Vandiver Says:

    Thank you so much for putting these sites, with very good descriptions, out there. This is wonderful stuff. I have been on the web for years and didn’t know a lot of this existed. I have already downloaded several of the apps and will do more as time permits. I have already sent your “favorite apps” to two of my friends. Thanks again for your time and effort!!

    Warren Vandiver

  46. 淫听羽息 Says:


  47. peter Says:

    It’s so funny to have M$ windows in this list:-)

  48. Realish Says:

    I agree — nice list. And everyone should *definitely* heed the word on foobar2000. It’s the bomb.

    I also agree with several others: IrfanView (image viewer) should be on this list. It’s the second thing I download on a new computer.

    The first is firefox, but I won’t get into a pissing match about that.

    One other I couldn’t live without: Directory Opus, a replacement for the native Windows file explorer. I’ve been using it for months and I still find new stuff it does — including FTP, folder synchronizing, finding duplicates, on and on and on. It’s not free, but it’s worth every penny.

  49. miscblogger Says:

    great list. i’ve never heard of synergy. i should try it sometime.

  50. rene visco Says:

    i think it’s time for you to check out Apple’s Mac OS X system. You’re too creative NOT to use a Mac!

  51. manpreet Says:

    Very good job jesse. I really like rainlender. I depend on you for more cool suggestions on utilities. :)

  52. ¥€$ Says:

    Great list, Thanx !

  53. Mika Says:

    I used JEdit for months, but lately I switched to PSPad. PSPad is not Java based, which is basically good thing. At least for me JEdit hanged one time too much and FTP plugin was not the most reliable.

  54. alladin Says:


  55. alladin Says:


  56. Car Says:

    Windows XP was really stable for me too and was my favorite OS… Until a trojan struck and I lost everything. Now I use OS X. I recognize most of the applications you’ve posted and I’ve luckily found alternatives on OS X. Good list of apps!

  57. riper Says:

    Very nice list !
    thank you

    And Firefox ???

  58. Ben Says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree with you rating Opera over Firefox but that’s a helluva great list you’ve put together. You reminded me of a few I’d forgotten. Thanks!

  59. mornlee Says:

    Good stuff,thanks a lot.谢谢.

  60. Taolue Says:

    Wonderful list.
    Free is the top one thing.

  61. Rahul Says:

    Great list! I’m downloading a few right now.

    But you misspelled *Irfan*View!

  62. gkon Says:

    Excellent list.

    A few additions if anyone cares
    Bunch of useful functions to the context menu of Windows Explorer

    Manage any computer in your network like you are in front of it

    Both free

  63. pancakes! Says:

    great list!have my children.

  64. Jeremy Says:

    Thank you!

  65. Iain Cheyne Says:

    Nice list. Do check out http://pricelesswarehome.org. It’s a similar list of great freeware that’s voted on by a bunch of fantatics at alt.comp.freeware.

  66. kofic Says:

    good,i’d like it.

  67. Dave Says:

    Windows?!! You know I can’t trust your word on any of these now.

  68. random Says:

    TextPad has helped me with large text files that normal editors would choke on due to inefficient use of memory/disk.

    DVDShrink has really aided me in my DVD backup duties… a region 4 PAL disk seamlessly became a region 1 NTSC disk without any real effort (and the annoyances of other DVD free software).

  69. Damian Says:

    Great list. Thanks. My computer will never be the same again.
    Btw, does anyone know of a good calendar program I can Activesync with my PDA? I use Outlook on my work computer but it’s too expensive to get for my home.

  70. Harold Teener Says:

    I just ate Jesse cum. Thanks for the load bro!

  71. samoscratch Says:

    Picasa is a must add

  72. Passerby Says:

    I totally agree with your recommendation of irfanview! As a result, I MUST try some more of your recommendations! thanks!

  73. ryan Says:

    Way to go as far as not slurping Mac. I use both extensively (mac at work windows at home) and os 10.3 blows. It is the biggest resource hog I have ever seen.

  74. RCNunya Says:

    Synergy is awesome, I had just been trying out Multiplicity from stardock and my demo was almost up, but wont have to buy that now, thanks to Synergy.

  75. sean Says:

    uTorrent is amazing. It has been a while since an application has made me smile. Wait till it notifies you of an update. After allowing it to update the new version will be downloaded and started with 1 or 2 seconds.

  76. tim li Says:

    post more! these are all excellent programs.

  77. Rock_this Says:

    Excellent list of programs. I use most of those mentioned but I was surprised and happy to find others that Will sync perfectly with what I already use. I very much agree with Windows as a great O/S. Many people might deride me for that but Windows has become very easy to use and works with a multitude of programs. Thanks again.

  78. Pete Says:

    Great list but I disagree on Trillian not being better than GAIM.

  79. ken Says:


  80. Boss Says:

    You are just HOT, very hot I mean intellectually. I also love most of your apps.

  81. Guido Says:

    Great list. Here are my list adds: UltraVNC, Codestuff Starter, FreeSSHd
    Check them out - all freeware.

  82. yugnats Says:

    killer list. i use quite a few of them already but you’ve pointed me to a few gems (filezilla, etc). thanks again!

  83. Eric Says:

    Nice list.

  84. Kilroo Says:

    Great list…gotta check out a few of the things from your list and from the comments.

    I will say, as a Trillian -> Gaim convert who is now leaning toward Miranda, that Trillian is probably marginally the best of the three IF you don’t find it to use too many resources and IF you pay for it. The free version is only better than either of the others if either appearance or voice/video is your main concern. However Trillian is better than Miranda is better than Gaim to switch AWAY from, for me…Trillian’s logs are manageable just as text files; Miranda has export tools…Gaim’s in-client history browser is great but the per-session text files are just short of useless without it.

  85. Tammy Says:

    wow…….another place to put in my favorites. Didn’t know there was so much free stuff out there…….Thanks for sharing.

  86. Tips Says:

    Nice list. Have you tried the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox? Once you find the right Firefox extensions it’s hard to use anything else. You can get all of those features that you mentioned for Opera in Firefox except the built-in mail client…

  87. Andy Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with us, so that we can also benefit from it. The list is quite good too.
    However there’s just 1 comment to add. What’s so great about Opera Mail - I really can’t see…

  88. Bernie Says:

    If you use iTunes - then iCueMix (www.icuemix.com) is an awesome plugin for it.

  89. Juglar :: Software gratis :: February :: 2005 Says:

    [...] com: buscador español de software libre, gpl, gnu, código abierto, freeware Softonic.com favorite apps - jesse crouch’s log Pricelessware » Spacebom Pack » Spacebom Blog Top-100 essential do [...]

  90. noout Says:

    Any update?

  91. artxp Says:

    here is a great list: http://digg.com/software/Top_25_Essential_Microsoft_Windows_XP_Substitutes

  92. botham Says:

    Good list, funny how common my list is to yours :-)

    A couple you may want to try:

    - xcalc, an excellent RPN calculator
    - keepass
    - keynote
    - freemind
    - powerpro (my most fav freeware :-))

  93. TIM Says:

    Kudos. Like the rest of your website, this is a great list, and I use a lot of them (including XP ;)

    I’ll have to give a few others a shot (synergy, gaim, foobar, windirstat [a program I dumped a loooong time ago. sounds like the newer version works right], etc).

    Don’t forget Open Office and Gimp for those of us who don’t care to shell out $500+.

    And how about lighting diagrams so we can see your setups?

  94. dogfool Says:

    Nice work. I hate Windows Media Player and QuickTime. I’ll give MP Classic w/K-Lite a try. I like the sound of TUGZip as well.
    Thanks for the effort.

  95. 滯銷書 » Blog Archive » 推荐免费的文本编辑工具 Says:

    [...] 会把它作为首选的文本编辑工具。 最近有许多人收藏了 Jesse Crouch 的一篇文章,其中就强烈推荐 jEdit。 LCC 这个,把它卸载了之后,我已经忘记它有什 [...]

  96. Noman Aslam Says:

    I really liked the work. I went through every single pix and I think that you guys got good direction.


    Noman Aslam

  97. Jonathan Says:

    Cool List! Thanks also for your input on JEdit. I think for now that is what I’m going to start with. I was looking hard into Aptana (pka… RadRails) but just noticed they are jumping at a paid model. I think JEdit shows real promise anyways and I really want to learn ROR’s in a bad way! Sorry so long - I really just wanted to say …. THANKS!

  98. Yewell’s Jewels » ……………………. Says:

    [...] http://www.ifakedit.com/log/other/apps/ [...]

  99. Favorite Apps Updated! - jesse crouch's log » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] My favorite apps is updated. After three years I’ve found quite a few more apps to use on Windows and I wanted to share them. Feel free to add your own favorites to the comments. [...]

  100. Aaron Says:

    good stuff

  101. free Bluray download Says:

    This Microsoft zune concentrates on to be a Transportable Media Battler. Not really a web browser. Not a video game device. Might be sometime soon it will complete more desirable around people areas, but for now it’s really a wonderful method to coordinate as well as listen to a person’s audio and also video clips, and it is with no fellow in that regard. The iPod’s skills will be their internet looking as well as applications. In the event that all those appear additional engaging, most likely it is your most suitable choice.

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